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Great Ways To Save

BOSTON (CBS) - Q: I get the AARP Bulletin and the last issue had an article entitled 99 Great Ways to Save. What do you think of them?

A: There are 99 suggestions! I did get through them all and there are some that are worthwhile. But I think last year's list was more fun. Many of them are gentle reminders about saving money and some are new to me and some only affect a small number of people and worse, some I thought were foolish.

For example, #7. Join a clinical trial to get free medical care. They go on to say that you could have access to experimental treatments but usually only half the participants get the real drug and the other half get the placebo. I am not sure this is a good thing.

#5. Dental checkups. It's cheaper to go to a dentist or a dental school for a checkup than end up in the ER with a toothache some night. Makes good sense to me. Again, its common sense to take care of yourself for it is definitely cheaper to prevent than to treat. So far so good. But then they give you a website to find low cost checkups. I spent 10 minutes of searching and I could not find anything. I finally Googled low cost dental care in Massachusetts and came up with the dental schools in Boston. I have them listed below.

Ones I liked, #8. Over-oiled. Unless you have a very old car you can get your oil changed every 7,500 miles and not every 3,000. Go to check your number for the recommended oil change interval.

#14. Fuel Saver. When running errands drive to the farthest destination first so your car can warm up for maximum fuel efficiency.

#18. Simply Sherlock. To confirm that your garage did the tire rotation as promised, place a white mark on your rear tires. You should check for it on the front tires before you leave the shop or pay the bill. I have four snow tires for my Volvo and I do this every year.

#42. Free Breakfast. IKEA restaurants serve it free before 11 am on Mondays and charge 99 cents other days. I looked at their menu and their meals are cheap. I know several people who eat there, including Anthony. Now if you can deal with their parking and the long walk in and out of the store it's a fun place to go for a free breakfast.

#64. Cap It. Plastic shower caps from hotels make wonderful food storage covers. Who knew? Or use them to cover dishes taken to a potluck. I tried this one recently when my husband was responsible for taking a fruit salad to a potluck. He even brought it back with the leftovers.

One more thing:


Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine
100 East Newton Street
Boston 02118
Dean: Dr. Jeffrey W. Hutter
Phone: 617-638-4780
Accreditation Status: Approval without Reporting Requirements
Next Accreditation Visit: 2012
Last Accreditation Visit: 2005

Harvard University School of Dental Medicine
188 Longwood Avenue
Boston 02115
Dean: Dr. R. Bruce Donoff
Phone: (617) 432-1401
Accreditation Status: Approval without Reporting Requirements
Next Accreditation Visit: 2017
Last Accreditation Visit: 2010

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
One Kneeland Street
Boston 02111
Dean: Dr. Huw F. Thomas
Phone: (617) 636-6656
Accreditation Status: Approval without Reporting Requirements
Next Accreditation Visit: 2015
Last Accreditation Visit: 2008


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