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Fundraiser Held For Uxbridge Athletic Center Honoring Grace Rett: 'It Will Keep Her Spirit Alive'

UXBRIDGE (CBS) -- The family of Grace Rett fights back tears as they push forward in honoring her memory. "I can't believe it's been two years since I've seen my daughter actually," Mary Jo Rett said.

The Grace Rett Athletic and Education Complex at Our Lady of The Valley School in Uxbridge is almost complete but more funds are needed to get across the finish line.

"Every dollar counts. Send this to everyone you know. These kids have never had a gym before," Brianna Rett said.

Rett was killed during a horrific van crash in January of 2020 while on a training trip in Vero Beach, Florida with the Holy Cross women's rowing team.

Construction on the Grace Rett Athletic and Education Complex at Our Lady of The Valley School (WBZ-TV)

This weekend, as part of one final push to fundraise for the G.R.A.C.E. Center, which is a full-size high school gym and classrooms, the Holy Cross rowing team took part in 62 hours and three seconds rowing marathon. It represents the same amount of time Grace rowed to set a world record just two years ago.

"Just to be able to do this and have so many people participate and folks doing workouts for Grace. I just keep on thinking about how much she would love this," Rett's classmate at Holy Cross, Shea Kirby said. "I want to live like Grace did. I was to live as passionately as she did. For others, like she did."

The goal is to open the new facility in just a few weeks but they are still $300,000 short, so they are hoping the community will come together to raise the rest of the funds needed.

"It's a tribute not only to her but all the kids that come through OLV and what it means to them," Mary Jo said.

The family said Grace was passionate about her faith, her school, and athletics.

grace rett holy cross
Grace Rett (Photo credit: Holy Cross)

"The building will stand for all three and it will keep her spirit alive for us," Christopher Rett said.

The family knows that their faith is getting them through these difficult times.

"Her favorite quote was I can all things through Christ who strengthens me. And I feel so much stronger having had her in my life," her sister said.

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