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Food Truck Friday: North Shore Beefie Boys

Food Truck Friday: North Shore Beefie Boys
Food Truck Friday: North Shore Beefie Boys 02:35

IPSWICH -- Peter Nikolakopoulus says he has roast beef running through his veins. He basically grew up in the restaurant industry.

"[My parents] wanted us to do everything but the restaurant business. You know I went to college, I was a financial adviser after college but it's in my blood. I've been making roast beef sandwiches since I was 12," Nikolakopoulus said.

His food truck, North Shore Beefie Boys, is a play on the popular 80s rap group.

The beef was Peter's passion. So he dove into the deep waters of the North Shore and roast beef sandwiches. The Beefie Boys food truck can't be missed. 

"It's a massive truck so people can actually see for itself and they are like 'wow.' It's kind of a cool thing. We've got music playing sometimes too, and long lines and the thing about it, it's like a restaurant on wheels," said Nikolakopoulus. 

The food truck wouldn't be what it is today without some lessons learned from dad.

"How to cook the roast beef, the temperature of it, the bread and the barbecue sauce, and how to layer it. If I just do what he taught me to do, I don't have to worry about the rest of the competition. I just worry about ourselves," Nikolakopoulus explained. 

The Beefie Boys roast beef sandwich is why the long lines exist. 

"A lot of people don't know what a roast beef sandwich is or what a three-way is and that's cheese barbecue sauce and mayo. So we are kind of educating them at the same time but as soon as they taste that sandwich, they are like 'wow, it's unbelievable.'"

Now Peter is able to share his restaurant moments with his kids. 

"I tell you what, they grow up quick when there is a line about 40 people deep for two hours straight," said Nikolakopoulus. 

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