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Flyers from 'pro-white' group show up at homes in Ipswich, Hamilton

Flyers from 'pro-white' group show up at random homes in Ipswich, Hamilton
Flyers from 'pro-white' group show up at random homes in Ipswich, Hamilton 02:45

HAMILTON - A group classified by the Anti-Defamation League as neo-Nazi distributed their flyers throughout the communities of Ipswich and Hamilton over the weekend, police in both towns said.

The Nationalist Social Club, which calls itself a "pro-white, street-oriented fraternity" left flyers in plastic bags at random houses throughout both communities. The flyers encouraged men of European decent to join the group. 

"Hate has no home here in Hamilton and the police will continue to promote and encourage inclusivity as one of the communities' recognized core values," the Hamilton Police department said on its Facebook page.

Ipswich police said many of flyers enclosed in plastic bags had rocks in the bags as if they were tossed from a car onto homeowners' lawns.  

"We are actively investigating this matter and are asking residents to assist us in identifying those who distributed these pamphlets," said Ipswich Police Chief Nikas in a statement. "Hatred has no place in Ipswich, where our sense of community is one of our great strengths."  

Police in both towns are working together. Anyone who has information about the people who distributed the flyers or video surveillance is asked to call police.

"I was really shocked and surprised and disgusted. And I just immediately put it in my recycling and didn't look at it again," said Kelly Russell, who received one of the flyers at her house.

Robert Trestan of the ADL of New England said the group was founded in New England.

"It is a neo-Nazi group, really found in Massachusetts in Worcester in 2019, and they're New England-based. So for us, for those of us in this area, they're amongst us. And so they see themselves as those who are defending the white race, almost saving the white race."

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