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'It's Disturbing': Fitchburg Burglar Caught On Home Security Camera

FITCHBURG (CBS) - A homeowner is shaken up after a burglar was caught on surveillance camera breaking into his home.

Home break-ins are not rare, and according to police, this one appears to be isolated. But it's not often that police have the assistance of home security cameras recording the entire incident.

Homeowner Sam said the burglar punched through his door and reached through the broken glass to get in, despite a sticker warning of security cameras.

Fitchburg Burglary
Suspect wanted in Fitchburg burglary (Surveillance image)

"You don't think it happens to you but actually it does," Sam said.

His kitchen surveillance shows the burglar coming in Tuesday afternoon sporting a backpack with a fishing rod in hand.

"He had a fishing pole he brought to try to blend in around here," Sam said. "But he knew what he was doing."

The suspect circled the home several times before breaking in, peering in windows in plain view of passing cars, hunting for an easy way into the home.

"For someone to go in your locked home when you're at work and you're away," Sam said. "And just go through all your stuff, is terrifying."

Fitchburg burglary
Suspect wanted in Fitchburg burglary (Surveillance image)

Once inside the house, he spent approximately ten minutes going from room to room, gathering several hundred dollars worth of items before returning to the kitchen and putting them in his backpack.

Sam arrived home from work shortly after, and he and his fiance are still grappling with the incident.

"[I] couldn't just handle the mental aspect of someone, a stranger just coming into your house," Sam said. "It's disturbing."

Sam warned his neighbors who saw the suspect casually walking on the street following the burglary. An initial police search turned up nothing, but Sam is hoping that his high definition security camera footage will turn up a name.

"Just turn yourself in," Sam said. "I mean, it's stupid, your face is everywhere."

Police say the suspect was likely a drug addict who will attempt to pawn the items for cash. If recognized, individuals can contact Fitchburg police to provide information.

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