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Edelman, Gronkowski parody "Good Will Hunting" in Patriots' incredible schedule release video

Breaking down the 2024 Patriots schedule
Breaking down the 2024 Patriots schedule 09:49

FOXBORO -- The Patriots announced their schedule for the upcoming NFL season on Wednesday night, and it's going to be a tough road for Jerod Mayo and crew in 2024. But while the team might not rack up a lot of wins during the season, at least the franchise's schedule release video was a massive hit.

Former Patriots greats Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski showed off their acting chops in a parody of the Oscar-winning film Good Will Hunting, which was written by and starred Boston natives Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Edelman stars as "Jules Hunting," a janitor inside Gillette Stadium who figures out the team's 2024 schedule, which Mayo and company were trying to crack on a white board.

It was a brilliant idea and it was executed perfectly by the Patriots. Edelman nails it, all the way down to the famous "You like apples?" line where he reveals a portion of the 2024 schedule to Patriots' writer Evan Lazar. Gronk is Gronk as Jules' buddy in the Affleck role, and even owner Robert Kraft makes an appearance.

But it was Ernie Adams who stole the show in the Robin Williams role, delivering one of the best lines of the movie/parody. Edelman leaves the complete 2024 schedule for Adams -- in a folder with "Pink Stripes" written on it -- prompting Adams to deliver his own take on Williams' famous line from the end of Good Will Hunting.

"Son of a b----, the kid stole my line," Adams says. (Williams just says "he stole my line" but we'll allow Ernie's take.)

There are Patriots references littered throughout the video, with 28-3 written on the white board, Edelman snatching a Super Bowl ring off a desk, some vintage Patriots gear, and Edelman reading Football Scouting Methods, which was written by Steve Belichick Sr. And it wouldn't be a New England-related video without at least one Dunkin's cup. 

The only thing missing was Danny Amendola screaming for a double burger, but recreating that scene would have required a lot more bleeps. 

The Patriots made up for that omission with an incredible post-credits scene though. Just when you thought the video couldn't get any better, current Patriots David Andrews, Kendrick Bourne, Demario Douglas, and Marcus Jones parody Affleck's Boston-based crime flick The Town by speeding into the Gillette parking lot in an SUV. They jump out in nun costumes, apparently ready to pull off a bank job, until a security guard (drinking Dunks, of course) tells them they're in the wrong movie.

The Patriots may be heading for another rough season in terms of wins on the football field, but they certainly won schedule release night. Given the franchise is at the early stages of a lengthy rebuild, we'll take any win we can get in New England. 

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