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Dunkin' Says Transition From Foam To Paper Cups Is Complete

CANTON (CBS) -- Dunkin' has officially moved on from those familiar foam cups. The Canton-based coffee chain says all of its restaurants around the world have now transitioned to more environmentally friendly paper cups.

It was just over a year ago that Dunkin' said Massachusetts locations were phasing out polystyrene foam cups after a 20-year-run.

"While a limited number of Dunkin' restaurants may still have foam cups in their inventory, the company's distribution centers are no longer offering foam cups, making only the new, double-walled paper cups available to Dunkin' U.S. franchisees for use in their restaurants," Dunkin' said in a statement Monday.

The new paper cups aren't recyclable either, but they're made from trees instead of the petroleum needed for foam cups. Dunkin' said the switch will keep one billion foam cups out of the waste stream every year.

Dunkin' is also working to implement recyclable hot coffee cup lids and hopes that transition will be complete at all U.S. locations by the end of the summer.


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