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Drake Maye discusses potential of being "franchise quarterback" for Patriots

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BOSTON -- If you think the wait for this year's NFL Draft feels excruciating, imagine what it will be like for Drake Maye.

The 21-year-old -- like any top NFL prospect -- is on the cusp of having his life changed. And while all experts project that he'll be drafted very early in the first round, he still can't know where his professional career in football will begin until his name is called by Roger Goodell on April 25.  

With that life-changing event still eight weeks away, Maye took some time to talk to Adam Schefter on his podcast. Schefter asked Maye to discuss the potential of playing for any of the three teams atop the draft order: Chicago, Washington, and New England.

Drake Maye On Playing For Patriots

"Shoot, New England. I mean, it's hard not to talk about the dynasty. You know, the great, you think of the GOAT. That's what you think of. When you think of New England, you think of the GOAT, Tom Brady. So just a place that's had a lot of success. They've had some years lately that haven't been as successful and looking to get back on track."

Drake Maye On Playing For Bears

"Chicago, first, just such a great history. Sports town. One of the greatest sports town in the country. And I think, the big thing about their fans, their fans are unbelievable. Just such a history -- not even football, but back when [Michael Jordan], a North Carolina great, played there in Chicago. So just great fan base, and had a lot of success. Going up there in the Windy City and just hard-nosed football. You know, find a way to win."

Drake Maye On Playing For Commanders

"Washington, shoot, back in the Redskins [era], I grew up around the area. Lake Norman is where Coach Gibbs resided back with his grandkids. I grew up with his grandkids, so I got to know him and follow the Redskins during that time. Also another historic program. Coach Gibbs back in the day had great success. And now, changed the name to Commanders but great city. Obviously a great city. Been there a few times. And another fan base that hey, when things get going, they get rowdy in there."

Drake Maye On New England, Chicago and Washington D.C.

"I know that Boston is -- shoot, these three great sports towns you're talking about now. All great places to play. I think a great spot to be a franchise quarterback at. And I think that's what I'm working towards really wherever, you know, whoever decides to draft me. I'm excited and ready to get to work. But I know those cities are great sports towns and I'd be grateful and be blessed to play for any of them."

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