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Daily Talker: Good Grades = Lunch Rewards

Students who perform well at a Tampa middle school, get an unusual incentive.
A card, that lets them go to the head of the lunch line.
Woodrow Wilson Middle School is one of the top rated schools in the city, and some say it's because the school rewards students for achievement or improvement.
But some parents and kids say that reward comes at the cost of stigmatizing other students.
Students say everyone knows who the so-called "no-card" kids are. Some days they only get 10 minutes or so to eat, and often, the kids tend to be from the poorer families.
The principal says there have only been a few complaints, and she will make sure that all students have enough time to eat lunch.
Concerned parents say they like the idea of incentives, they just think the lunch line should be off limits.
The school board plans to hear their concerns soon.


What do you think about this program? Would you support it at your school?


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