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Can't Find Your COVID Vaccination Card? Here's How To Get A New One

BOSTON (CBS) - Many of us have been holding onto them for months, in our wallets, purses, or in a special drawer at home. But what happens if you can't find your vaccine card and need it to prove your COVID-19 vaccination status?

If you lose it, there are ways to get another one.

First, the state of Massachusetts says you could contact your health care provider or the location where you were vaccinated. They can help you print another copy of your record.

If you were vaccinated at CVS you can also log into your vaccination records and print one yourself.

Your record can also be found in v-safe if you enrolled in the program that monitors your health after getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

If you didn't, and you got your vaccine at a site that is no longer in operation, you can fill out an Immunization Record Request Form that goes directly to the state Department of Public Health.

If you use this form you will get a complete history of all of the vaccines you've gotten. Just beware, it could take up to 6 weeks to get your record.

So how do keep yourself from losing your card in the first place?

The easiest way is to take a picture of the card on your phone and then upload it onto your iPad or laptop to save it.

And while laminating it sounds like a good idea, some experts say you may want to hold off, in case we need a booster shot.

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