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Boston Marathon Adds COVID-19 Fee, Precautions For Runners, No Athletes' Village

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Boston Marathon will add an additional $25 COVID-19 fee for in-person runners this year.

The Boston Athletic Association said the additional fee will cover "additional precautions focused on the health and safety of participants, volunteers, vendors, staff, community members, and the general public."

The 2021 marathon has been rescheduled to Monday Oct. 11 and is limited to 20,000 runners to allow for social distancing on the course. Runners will have to submit two negative COVID-19 tests before the race regardless of vaccination status.

Other changes will include the elimination of the Athletes' Village in Hopkinton, rolling start times for runners, and the option to buy registration insurance.

"Working closely with the B.A.A., a group of experts in public health and endurance race medicine has developed and continued to refine strategies to ensure a safe and enjoyable Boston Marathon," said Dr. Aaron Baggish, Co-Medical Director for the B.A.A. and Boston Marathon.

"This group recognizes the rapidly evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and will strive to ensure that an autumn 2021 race is safe for both participants and the hosting communities."

The registration fee for runners will stay at $205. A virtual Boston Marathon will take place the weekend of Oct. 8–10.

Registration for the 2021 Boston Marathon opens April 20.

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