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Winchester Neighborhood Helps Celebrate Man's Birthday While Social Distancing

WINCHESTER (CBS) -- It's wasn't a landmark birthday for Paul Morris, but it certainly was an unforgettable one. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Paul and his Winchester neighbors are taking social distancing seriously.

So to celebrate Paul's birthday, they set a few chairs six feet apart in the street, placed a cake in the middle, and hung a banner on a nearby hockey net.

"It's a sensitive thing. It's a serious time but I think if people can support each other with little things like this, it makes a huge difference," said wife Suzanne Morris.

Neighbor Dave Chamberlain said, "It was very unusual, very interesting."

Friends who didn't live close created a drive-by parade.

"This will be very memorable in its own way, none of us will probably forget Paul's birthday this year," said Cici Gordon, who drove by in her car.

"Out of my 57 years I've never seen anything like this and hopefully I never see anything like this again," said Paul. "But we're making the best out of it."

Among the attendees was Dr. Carl Turrisini, who appreciated the precautions. "This is a time of social isolation and people are finding a creative way to socially connect still," he said.

"I felt great yesterday, I feel great today, and hopefully I'll feel great tomorrow. That's the plan," said Paul.

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