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Colin Cowherd: Why Average Americans Don't Trust Al Jazeera's Report

BOSTON (CBS) -- The guests continued to roll in on Felger & Mazz on Tuesday afternoon in San Francisco, with Fox Sports 1 host Colin Cowherd stopping by the F&M broadcast center.

As has been a recurring theme with media guests, Felger & Mazz hit Cowherd with some questions about DeflateGate as well as the difference in coverage between Tom Brady's "scandal" and Peyton Manning's HGH allegations.

"In the Peyton Manning situation, it's Al Jazeera. So the genesis of it comes from a Middle East-based [organization], though it was an American arm of it. But you have to remember in America, we've all grown up watching the nightly news and seeing bombing in the Middle East and terrorism, and so we're skeptical," Cowherd said of the Manning report. "Conservatives want Benghazi to unravel Hillary [Clinton], and it won't. The same way Iran-Contra would not unravel [Ronald] Reagan. Because we kind of look at the Middle East and we go, 'It's kind of the way that you have to deal with the Middle East. You've got to make deals. It's never going to unravel an American president.

"It's Al Jazeera. Though I think they do some really good work, the average citizen in America is going to look at Al Jazeera, and I think a lot of it is, they don't believe the source. Americans have looked at the Middle East for years, we're frightened, we don't understand it, there's religious zealotry, they treat perhaps women different than we do."

Felger suggested that it's more an issue of Manning having relationships with the media more than it is America questioning the source of the information.

Cowherd said that the fact that Manning's alleged use of PEDs can't really be proven, so it's not going to gain traction.

Listen to the full interview, which included Cowherd's take on Andy Reid's clock management in New England, below:


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