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Buy Or Sell: Is Patriots Defense Legit After Shutting Down The Falcons?

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Patriots defense just put up its most impressive performance of the season in allowing just seven points to the Falcons on Sunday night. But is it time to fully buy in on the group?

Adam Jones discussed that and several other topics in the world of football and baseball in a Buy or Sell Monday on The Game of Jones. The questions, and Jones' answers, are below.

Buy or Sell: John Farrell will manage a team in 2018

"I sell it. I did read earlier today that he's gonna interview with Washington," said Jones. "Man oh man, if he ends up with that gig ... he would be such a woefully inept manager for that spot - and part of me would like to see it."

Buy or Sell: Vin Scully deserves a chance to call a World Series game

"Sell. I sell that he deserves to call it this year. And I get it, the man has had an incredible career. People think I hate Vin Scully," said Jones. "I don't hate Vin Scully. I hate everyone who repeatedly, over the last 5-10 years before he hung 'em up, [told me] 'Vin Scully is still the best!' ... No he's not. He's not the best. He hasn't been the best for, like, a decade. That's what I really grew to be annoyed about with Vin Scully."

Buy or Sell: Dusty Baker deserved to lose job as Nationals manager

"I buy that," said Jones. "Maybe you could make a case to me that he deserves one more year. But that would have been stupid because you want to capitalize while Bryce Harper is there. ... You try to win and really go over the top [in 2018]."

Buy or Sell: Patriots defense is legit after shutting down the Falcons

"I can't buy it yet. I sell their defense to this point. I can't say I will never buy it, but how could you?" said Jones. "Atlanta's not the same team. People need to get that through their thick skulls. It's not the Falcons from a year ago. ... So no, I don't have to buy the defense, not yet."

Buy or Sell: Matt Ryan will get back to the Super Bowl

"I still buy that he's gonna get back," said Jones. "I'm not of the thinking that Atlanta is ruined forever. They're ruined for this year and they're going to go into a bit of a downward spiral. But I think Matt Ryan is talented enough, whether it is in Atlanta or anywhere else, and has proven he can play at a high-enough level, and Atlanta has been in it enough over the last few years. I think that he'll have another opportunity to get back."

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