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Lost And Found: Snake Spotted At Brookline Playground

BROOKLINE (CBS) – Missing your pet snake? Brookline Police may have it.

Lawton Park is a place where kids romp on a sunny afternoon under the watchful eye of a parent or nanny. It's also where a ball python was discovered Tuesday afternoon, not far from the playground.

Brookline's animal control officer suspects it either escaped from its owner or was intentionally abandoned by an owner who didn't want it anymore.

"It could be a threat, but not likely," said Corey Adams of the Animal Rescue League of Boston. "Especially something this small. Usually they are more scared of you then you are of them."

Brookline Snake
A snake was found at a Brookline playground. (Image Credit: Brookline Police)

Indeed, ball pythons are not venomous, they squeeze their prey to death by wrapping around it and this one is way too small to grab a child, but they can bite in self-defense.

Ball pythons are one of the most popular pet snakes because they're relatively friendly, easy to take care of and can live for more than 30 years.

The snakes are native to central and east Africa so finding one loose in a Brookline park has folks there surveying the landscape a little more carefully.

"I wouldn't want a little kid picking it up and wanting to play with it," Adams said.

Ball pythons can grow to an average length of three to five feet. This one was not nearly that big. If you're missing a snake, or know something about this one -- you should call Brookline Police.

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