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Car may have been doing donuts when man was hit and seriously injured in Brockton, police say

Man injured in Brockton may have been hit by car doing donuts
Man injured in Brockton may have been hit by car doing donuts 02:34

BROCKTON - Drivers may have been doing donuts overnight in Brockton when one car hit and seriously injured a man, police said.

Officers were called to 696 Crescent St. just after 1 a.m. on Memorial Day for a report of a man hit by a car in a parking lot. The 20-year-old victim was first taken to a hospital in Brockton but then airlifted to a Boston hospital in serious condition. 

"Police are investigating whether drivers were performing donuts with their vehicles in the parking lot when one of the vehicles swung around and hit the victim," a spokesperson for the Brockton Police Department said.

So far, police have not identified any suspects. 

Brockton parking lot tires
Tire marks in a Brockton parking lot where a man was hit and seriously injured CBS Boston

Jovan Cruz said he was nearly struck by a car as he pulled up to the parking lot on Crescent Street Sunday night. "I just seen like cars flying out, and fleeing the scene and stuff," said Cruz. 

Cruz said he usually goes to the parking lot to show off his ride to other car enthusiasts. 

"We don't like to start trouble," Cruz said. "It's just some people that do that, and makes it, it looks bad for us." 

Business owners want police to take action

Area business owners say these gatherings can have 50 to 60 people. Alberto Mendes owns Santana, a restaurant and function hall near the parking lot. He says sometimes customers can't hear themselves talk over the noise. 

"I have a problem, two parking lots, and my place is 350 capacity. I can't go on that side," Mendes said. 

Mendes said he has tried to do something about it. Showing reporters his calls to police for help. He says this happens two to three times a week. 

"Right now, I call 911 and they don't answer," Mendes said. "They call me back I don't answer. They send someone quickly, but the police come out here and don't do nothing. Nothing." 

Mendes said he hopes this incident sparks change. 

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