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Boy Recovering After Raccoon Attack In Newton

NEWTON (CBS) - When the Tumarkins moved to Newton recently, they expected challenges, but a raccoon attack on their young son was not among them.

Six-year-old David returned from his doctor visit Tuesday evening with his left leg bandaged in two places and said the attack was "scary."

It was suppertime Monday and the Tumarkins were eating watermelon at their backyard table when they first spotted the raccoon in a nearby tree, but before they knew it, it was charging at them across the yard.

"We were so surprised," his mom said.

David Tumarkin
David Tumarkin (WBZ-TV)

But that surprise turned to alarm and then panic when the raccoon sunk its teeth into David's leg, prompting the youngster's grandfather to stomp on the attacker.

"I did exactly, because he make some real deep bites," Lenny Tumarkin said.

The animal let go and retreated a bit as grandpa beaned it with a rock and David's dad didn't waste anytime whisking his son to the hospital.

"My dad took me in the car and we were going to the emergency," David said.

By the time police arrived, the raccoon was long gone, but since its bizarre behavior suggests possible rabies, David has already undergone his first round of shots.

"I think he was sick," David said.

David's parents say their son is an animal lover at heart, but this bizarre attack has left him afraid to venture into the backyard.

"That's awful and my kid is so scared now," Mrs. Tumarkin said.

The raccoon was last seen scurrying down nearby Frances Street. The family says it's still waiting for an assessment from animal control officers, but their sons rabies treatments will continue.

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