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Boston police officer remains hospitalized after being shot multiple times in Roxbury

Boston police officer remains hospitalized after being shot in Roxbury
Boston police officer remains hospitalized after being shot in Roxbury 02:13

BOSTON – A Boston police officer remains hospitalized after he was shot multiple times Friday night. Police said the officer came upon a robbery in Roxbury and the suspect opened fire.

It happened at around 9:15 p.m. on Cedric Street. According to the police report, the officer saw 23-year-old John Lazare, who matched the description of someone wanted for robbing a Domino's Pizza delivery driver on the same street on Wednesday. Police said Lazare was in the process of robbing another delivery driver.

When the officer went to confront him, Lazare allegedly opened fire, hitting the officer multiple times. Police said Lazare ran inside 44 Cedric Street and was later seen on the roof of the building next door; he then jumped, landing in an alleyway and injuring his leg. 

Boston Police Commissioner Michael Cox said Saturday that the officer is expected to survive. His name has not been released.

"It could have ended very differently in so many ways," said Cox. "Anyone who shoots at an officer, they do that at their own peril in so many ways."  

Lazare was taken into custody a short time after the shooting. Two other officers were hurt during the pursuit, but they were not shot.

"Gun violence is something that's sadly popular," said John Espinal, who lives and works in the area. "We don't like hearing, obviously, stuff like that, especially in our community."

Lazare will be arraigned Monday in Roxbury District Court on several charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon.

On Saturday, Massachusetts State Police Col. John Mawn released a statement about the shooting.

"Last night we were reminded again — as if any reminder were needed — of the dangers police officers face every day and every night as they work, selflessly, to keep us safe," Mawn said. "While most of us were home with our families, or out spending time with friends on a Friday night, Police Officers and Troopers were at work, a Boston Police Officer was shot while protecting his city. The members of The Massachusetts State Police hope and pray for the Officer's speedy and full recovery."

According to Massachusetts State Police, through May 31 of this year, 166 officers have been shot in the line of duty across the country. Twenty officers have been killed nationwide.

"We stand with our partners at the Boston Police Department in our shared resolve to make our communities and the Commonwealth safer, so that everyone, regardless of where they live, can enjoy a life free from crime and violence," Mawn said.

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