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As Boston Battles Heat Wave, Residents Find Ways To Stay Cool

BOSTON (CBS) - It didn't take long to start feeling the heat on day one of an August heat wave. By late morning, there was already a line to get into a Brighton water park for some desperate parents.

"I need to find a place to cool off outside so the kids can get their energy out," said parent Nicole Partridge.

"We don't have air conditioning at home so we need to get out and stay cool the best we can," said parent Nadja Percoto.

Around Boston, people looked for ways to stay cool during the area's latest heatwave. (WBZ-TV)

The heat has emergency room doctors expecting to see more people in their care over the next few days with heat-related illnesses and symptoms they worry can be ignored.

"If they start to get dizzy, nauseous, confused, have difficulty walking, those are concerns of a more serious illness," said Dr. Charlotte Goldfine at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Saint Francis House outreach worker Verna Johnson is on patrol in Boston making sure the most vulnerable are taken care of in the heat - the homeless. Today she's giving out water and snacks on the Boston Common. She's concerned about their exposure and urges them to take a break inside. "They're not aware of this heat; they're dehydrated and some are out here all night long," said Johnson.

The city of Boston is providing cooling spots over the next few days as the heat and humidity build, and it's not the first time this summer.

"It's super humid with the rain we've had. I guess it's my least favorite summer of all summers we've had so far because of that," said parent Lindsay Miller at the Brighton water park.

The heat has some people seeking out the shade and some determined to ignore the temperature altogether. "I have long sleeves to block the sun, and I'll drink a lot of water over the next days," said a runner on the Esplanade.

To find a swimming pool or splash pad near your community, visit the state's swimming webpage.

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