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Boston is second happiest city in the U.S., according to new survey

Survey says people love Boston but don't feel the city loves them back
Survey says people love Boston but don't feel the city loves them back 02:45

BOSTON - Boston is the second happiest city in the United States, according to a new international ranking.

The Institute for Quality of Life, an organization in London, England that researches issues "related to the quality of life," created an index of 250 cities around the world based on happiness.

Happy City Index

They looked at five specific areas - citizens, governance, environment, economy and mobility - to come up with a "Happy City Index."  The group measured each category "on the basis of objective, transparent and verifiable data."

The cities were then grouped into three categories - gold, silver and bronze.

Aarhus, Denmark ended up with the highest score on the list, but there was no official award as number one. Instead, the institute ranked the top 37 cities as "gold."

"It is not fair to establish a single city-leader," the institute wrote on its website

"It is most appropriate to establish a group of cities committed to happiness cultivation and growth, where education, inclusive policies, economy, mobility, environmental protection, access to green areas or innovation are not only important components of the official policies created, but are also visible in the implemented solutions, tangible for the residents and have a direct impact on their quality of life."

Minneapolis happiest U.S. city

Minneapolis, Minnesota was top city from the United States, coming in 18th overall. Minneapolis was also the only U.S. city to reach gold level status.

Boston just missed out on gold, coming in 38th overall to lead the so-called "silver cities." Baltimore, Maryland ranked 57th and was the third U.S. city on the list.

Boston happiness

Last month, a poll of Boston voters found that people really like the city. The survey conducted by the Boston Policy Institute (BPI) found many younger residents don't want to leave Boston, but they're struggling with the high cost of living and homes in the area.

BPI Executive Director Greg Maynard told WBZ-TV their poll showed that "people can really love a place and feel like it doesn't love them back."

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