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9-year-old Boston Celtics fan hopes his special haircut brings the team good luck

Young Boston Celtics fan gets shamrock buzzcut for good luck ahead of Game 4
Young Boston Celtics fan gets shamrock buzzcut for good luck ahead of Game 4 02:25

SAUGUS - A 9-year-old boy hopes his special Boston Celtics-themed haircut styled by his barber is a good luck charm for the team as they try to clinch banner 18 Friday.

Hoping to bring the Celtics luck

Jack Tornatore walked into George's barbershop in Saugus Friday morning feeling confident. "Getting your usual good luck Celtics haircut today, right?" asked his barber, Mike Moriello.

Jack is a regular customer, but his style this time of year is far from regular. Moriello shaves "Celtics" into the back of Jack's head over an intricate clover design. WBZ-TV originally caught up with him last year when he got the same style during the playoffs.

Jack Tornatore shows off his new Celtics haircut at a barbershop in Saugus. CBS Boston

He was originally predicting the Celtics would win the championship in six games, which would give him more time to perfect his hair. But based on the team's performance in the first three games, he felt it could happen sooner.  "Last year they couldn't do it, but this year I think they can," he said.

"Bit of a tradition we got going on"

That put a rush on the need for his lucky buzzcut. "Bit of a tradition we've got going on. There's no eraser on these things, so you've got to get it right the first shot," said Moriello, pointing to his clippers.

The haircut turned out flawless, which gave Jack even more confidence heading to the Celtics Game 4 watch party at TD Garden. Will the Celtics even need good luck? "Probably not," said Jack. "Because they're so good, but I still think it helps!"

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