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Young Celtics fan says creative haircut is a proven good luck strategy

Young Celtics fan will display Celtics pride no matter the outcome of Game 5
Young Celtics fan will display Celtics pride no matter the outcome of Game 5 01:56

BOSTON - Eight-year-old Jack Tornatore loves his haircut. "I love it," he said, checking out the shamrock shaved into his head. The reason seemed obvious. It's good luck. "I think it actually works," he said.

He got out of school early, sporting his "unfinished business" Celtics T-shirt because of a hair emergency. The logo from his last haircut was growing out, which felt unacceptable heading into Game 5.

"What's your prediction Jack," asked his barber. "I think they'll win," said Jack. 

His confidence is closely tied to his buzz cut. His barber Mike Moriello is known around Saugus as something of an artist with clippers. On the back of Jack's head, the word "Celtics" is clearly outlined with the team's logo. "I did it against the Hawks, they won. I did it against the 76ers, they won, and so now I'm doing it against the Heat, and I think they'll win," he explained. 

"We're pretty successful in Boston with our I like to think it's all because of my haircuts," joked Moriello, who runs George's Barber Shop in Saugus, known as the oldest barber shop in the country.

Celtics haircut
Jack Tornatore's Celtics haircut CBS Boston

Good luck charms were in demand ahead of Thursday's Celtics game. Massachusetts General Hospital Dr. of Psychology Alexandra Gold explains the psychological tension for fans can be overwhelming. 

"Let's say you're in the moment watching the game. You're unsure what's going to happen, if the team's going to win or lose. Maybe you're getting stressed, anxious, and the emotions go into overdrive, and it's hard to kind of take that step back and think logically," she said.

Dr. Gold said an attitude like Jack's is healthy, because his ties are not dependent on whether the team wins or loses, and fans get an emotional boost from simply feeling like they're part of a group.

"I'm going to wear it proudly," said Jack, when asked what he will do if the game doesn't end the way he hopes. "I'm a big Celtics fan no matter if they win or lose," he said.

"I don't think any Boston fan is ever embarrassed to walk around with that logo," said Moriello. "It's something that I think everyone's proud to have on, win or lose, but hopefully win." 

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