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Boston Now Has 9 'Snow Farms' Following Blizzard Cleanup

BOSTON (CBS) -- Two days after the blizzard, travel can still be tricky. Snow is clogging streets, and it even forced some schools to cancel classes on Monday.

So if you can't melt the snow right away, you might as well move it.

That's what the city of Boston did Monday night.

There are nine snow farms in Boston, and all night long, trucks loaded with snow were bringing them to dump from spots around the city where there's simply no place to put it.

In the back alleys of the Back Bay, darkness brought yet another effort to clear away Saturday's blizzard by truck.

"It's been non-stop the last two to three days since Saturday. And it seems like we're just going to keep on going for a little while more," said contractor Mario Lantigua.

The city actually got trucking Sunday night, farming out 750 loads of snow between dusk and dawn.

But in Southie and several other Boston neighborhoods, the shovels were still at work two days after the storm's departure.

"I thought with my Jeep I'd have a little easier time, but it's a lot of snow," said South Boston resident Nate Root, who was trying to dig out his car on Monday.

On Beacon Street in Boston, snow piles now separate traffic from the bike lane, which now accommodates dog walkers. But across the city, people seem impressed with the speedy storm rebound.

"Pretty low-key for a pretty big snowstorm," said Boston resident Sam Merlin.

Most school systems will reopen on Tuesday.

The T was running buses Monday night on some segments of the Red and Orange lines, so snow can be cleared from the tracks.

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