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Bobcat That Attacked 2 Dogs Shot And Killed By Police

BARRE, Mass. (AP/CBS) — Police in Massachusetts say they shot and killed a bobcat that had attacked two dogs and was coming after officers.

Police in the central Massachusetts town of Barre received a 911 call Tuesday from the Erickson family reporting that a large cat was attacking their much larger Bernese Mountain Dogs.

By the time the chief and a sergeant arrived on the scene, the dogs were in the house and the bobcat was under the porch.

Sgt. William Recos said the cat emerged, ran and jumped at them, paws outstretched. Chief John Carbone fired several rounds, killing the cat.

"If it was a sick cat, they would pretty much attack anything," said Karl Erickson. "If it's going to attack this six-foot police officer, there's no reason not to attack a 100-pound dog."

Because of its behavior, the bobcat is being tested for rabies.

"It's unfortunate when you have to put an animal down, but something was definitely wrong with it, that was not normal behavior," said Recos.

A representative from the state's Division of Wildlife and Fisheries agrees that the situation is unusual.

"There really is no danger of public safety threat from bobcats, they are generally solitary, secretive," she told WBZ NewsRadio 1030. More often, large dogs, like Bernese Mountain dogs, are the predator, not vice versa.

She added, "They are seen more often over the last decade or so in more residential areas because they are looking for food."

Bobcats typically eat small males, like rabbits and squirrels.

The Erickson's dogs received puncture wounds but will be alright because their rabies shots were up to date and they received an additional booster after the attack.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Tina Gao reports

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