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ATM Skimming Devices Discovered In 2 Attleboro Locations

ATTLEBORO (CBS) -- Attleboro police are warning residents to be on alert after skimming devices were found on two different ATMs over the weekend.

Authorities say the "skimmers," used to collect data from ATM and credit cards, were found on Citizens Bank machines at Cumberland Farms stores on County Street and Pleasant Street.

skimming atm attleboro
An ATM skimmer found in Attleboro (Image credit Attleboro police)

The skimmers recovered by police were green and attached to the ATMs using double-sided tape.

Attleboro Police Chief Kyle Heagney said residents should inspect card readers before they swipe.

"An uncompromised card reader will be solidly affixed to the ATM machine, and the user should not be able to detect any movement in the card reader," he said in a statement. "A false card reader will be able be detected by lightly wiggling the card reader; if there is any detectable movement, or it falls off, it is likely a skimming device."

Surveillance footage may have caught two people installing the devices. Police are looking for a white man of medium build, with dark hair and a beard. He is believed to be in his late 20s to early 30s and wore a dark cap and a dark heavy coat.

attleboro skimming suspects
Two people wanted in Attleboro ATM skimming incidents (Image credit Attleboro police)

Officials are also seeking a thin white woman in her mid-to-late 20s. She was wearing a knit cap and thick glasses, a heavy winter coat with a fur-lined hood, gray sweatpants and white, possibly Nike, sneakers.

Anyone who thinks they've found a skimmer or recognizes the wanted individuals should call police.

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