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Andover Man Refuses To Remove Junk From Yard

BOSTON (CBS) - There are appliances piled up, old sinks, full trailers, tools, furniture, liquid storage tanks full of who knows what. Ted Teichert points to the house he calls an eyesore across Dufton Road in Andover. "You've got tents, discarded merchandise, TV's, ovens there," he says. When Teichert tried to sell his home, prospective buyers asked about the view across the street. "We didn't even get one offer, and it was right at the market level."

The man who lives in the home, Joseph Boyer, says he's in a legal battle with US Bank over the foreclosure of this house four years ago. "All we're asking them to do is prove they own the house."

This week, a moving van came to the home along with a sheriff's deputy serving an eviction notice. It's not the first time. As in the past, the van left empty, and so did the deputy. Boyer was able to prove he's allowed to stay as long as court appeals are still in progress.

WATCH: WBZ-TV's Christina Hager reports

There is a pile of paperwork documenting his struggles. There's a list of citations for town code violations going back more than a decade, there are bankruptcy petitions, and foreclosure appeals. The most recent appeal challenges the court's dismissal of Boyer's appeals. "Enough's enough. At some point, we can't keep allowing these appeals in perpetuity," says neighbor Erik Sullivan.

"I don't have any money," says Boyer. Until he owns it, he says he has no interest in maintaining the property.

Andover Town Manager Buzz Stapczynski sent WBZ a statement calling it an "unfortunate problem." He says, "the Town of Andover has been actively working on the Boyers' hording problem for many years."


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