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Amazon Packages Held Up For Weeks At Cape Cod UPS Facility

WEST YARMOUTH (CBS) - People are calling Cape Cod the "Bermuda Triangle" for package deliveries and wondering where their Amazon and UPS shipments went. Since the coronavirus pandemic started, people have ordered online like never before. But even now, some people are waiting weeks for their deliveries.

For Roland Pourier, it was foot soap. "You just feel like you're being played, that's all," Pourier said.

For Laurel Galvin, a bubble maker for her nursery school. "I couldn't figure out why," Galvin said. "It's supposed to be on the truck but it's not there."

UPS West Yarmouth
UPS hub in West Yarmouth (WBZ-TV)

Both are talking about items they ordered from Amazon, that were to be delivered through a United Parcel Service hub in West Yarmouth where they apparently sat for anywhere from 10 days to two weeks past their delivery date, even as the tracking software promised their imminent arrival.

"Each day I was told that the product was out for delivery, and it never showed up," Pourier said.

That frustration sent Galvin to the community Facebook page which was swarming with similar complaints from Cape neighbors.

"Then I'm starting to wonder, what kind of a scam is going on here?" Pourier said.

Some frustrated customers started referring to this place as the "West Yarmouth vortex" or even worse the "Bermuda Triangle" and some who called to complain were told that Amazon packages were no longer a UPS priority.

But a statement from UPS Wednesday night made no such reference, saying the, "vast majority of our services continue with the same time commitments." UPS said the pandemic has triggered a Christmas-like surge in deliveries.

"In some cases they even said that the product was not delivered due to bad weather or a natural disaster," Pourier said.

Unlike some other folks, Pourier and Galvin finally got their packages, but no real answers.

"I don't know if I found out anything," Galvin said. "I still don't know."

What they did get is a healthy skepticism about when their next package will arrive.


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