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26 Farm Animals Rescued From Inadequate Shelter Before Blizzard

METHUEN (CBS) -- Twenty-six animals were rescued from the bitter cold on a farm in central Massachusetts by the MSPCA before last week's blizzard.

A young cow, one alpaca, two guinea fowl, three sheep, four goats, two rabbits, and 13 chicken were taken to MSPCA-Nevins Farms on December 27 after they were surrendered by their owner.

Farm animals reach their new home after their owner surrendered them ahead of freezing temps and heavy snow (Photo Courtesy: MSPCA)

According to the MPSCA, the owner was inexperienced and just starting his farm. When he realized he didn't have the ability to keep them warm during the extreme cold or snowstorm, he decided to release them to the MPSCA.

Upon arrival, the animals were freezing, some were underweight, and many had parasites or other treatable illnesses. They are all expected to recover.

A sheep is brought in to be checked out by a vet after it was surrendered to MSPCA (Photo Courtesy: MSPCA)

The MSPCA is now asking for donations to help offset the care of the animals at the now over-crowded Nevins Farm.

"The new arrivals increased our population by 25 percent—which is especially challenging given that the harsh winter will no doubt lead to more farm animal surrenders in the coming months," said Mike Keiley, director of adoption centers and programs at the MSPCA-Angell.

A young cow is one of 26 animals brought to MSPVA-Nevins Farm on December 27 (Photo Courtesy: MSPCA)

The animals can be visited during open hours at the farm, and anyone with the proper land, shelter, and resources is asked to consider adoption.

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