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World Series Of Poker Comes To Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The world stage in Baltimore. For the first time, Maryland is in on the World Series of Poker, starting this week.

Marcus Washington has the details on the global event and who can get in on the action.

This is what you would call the playoffs or the semi-finals leading to the World Series of Poker later this year. Anyone who wants to play is welcome and, starting Thursday, thousands of people will take their chances.

For the first time in history, Baltimore is getting in on the World Series of Poker.

"It is the largest, richest and most prestigious live gaming event on the planet," said Alex Dixon, Horseshoe Casino.

This week, one of the 22 circuit stops of the World Series of Poker is taking place at the Horseshoe Casino in downtown Baltimore---a first for Maryland. These players are part of a poker charity event but, starting Thursday, for 12 days, dealers will deal and players will play.

For security reasons, we can't show the main playing area but there will be 45 tables and thousands of players, all hoping to win the big prize.

Steven Dannenmann of Severna Park knows firsthand about winning big at poker.

"I was an amateur, serious amateur back then," he said.

He made it to the end of the World Series of Poker in 2005.

"What I thought was going to be a one day tournament...I was there for seven straight days and ended up making the final table of the World Series," he said. "It was a great hand. My particular hand was beating this other guy's hand but he caught up and ended up winning all the money and trophy."

But his prize wasn't so bad.

"It was horrible," he laughed. "I got $4.25 million."

We went to one of the dealers to learn how to play. After about 10 minutes of Brian teaching and studying his every word and move...we lost.

To buy in for the Baltimore circuit event, it will range from $365 to $1,675. The more money you pay in, the higher the winners are for that particular round.

Two winners at Baltimore's circuit event will win a spot in the $1 million World Series of Poker event scheduled for later this year.

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