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2 Employees Injured After Windows Fall From Exelon Building

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Thousands of windows are now under inspection after glass rained down from the Exelon Building.

A major inspection is underway at the relatively new building in Harbor Point after a glass window shattered and fell onto the sidewalk below.

Thousands of people walk by buildings like the Exelon Building every single day, trusting that nothing will happen, but this is the sixth time in just two years Exelon has had glass break.

The Exelon Building's trademark windowed exterior will need a closer look.

Last Wednesday, a window shattered and glass rained down from the eighth story, injuring two employees below.

"Yeah, I mean, how often does a window fall out of a building?" Michael Raffle asked.

Since the building opened two years ago, four outdoor windows have broken, along with two interior windows.

Almost 70 panels were replaced after an eight-month inspection.

Now, Beatty Development will inspect all 7,500 tempered glass panels again.

Meanwhile, new scaffolding will shield the sidewalk.

Beatty Development told WJZ, "The safety of the people who live, work, and shop at the Excelon Building is of paramount importance."

Still, even some who walk past it will have one eye looking up.

"You know what, I have had thoughts about that," said Fadi Tadros, who works downtown. "And particularly walking to Orange Theory Fitness, there's a lot of construction on that street, but relatively I've felt safe in this area."

"I mean, it is kind of scary when you think about just you're walking down the street and glass can fall from above," said Rochetta Gordon, who also works downtown.

In a city where more and more all-glass buildings pepper the skyline, those who live and work in Baltimore just hope safety trumps style.

Exelon did not elaborate on the employee's injuries from the broken window.

The building owner never did find out the root cause of the two previous window breaks here, saying the glass pieces were too small to come to a conclusion.

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