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Weather Blog: Welcome To Autumn

Hi Everyone!

  Bluebird skies, crystal clear, water clear, (or however you want to say it),  this morning's totally haze-free, cloud-free skies were something to behold. Legit, we had a sunrise live shot on the air so bright that I joked you needed sunglasses to look at the TV. Tim agreed. I'll say it AGAIN, "Welcome to Autumn." It's the season where big sprawling domes of high pressure gently sift out of Eastern Canada bringing with them nonpolluted air and seasonal to seasonally coolish conditions. If you are into stargazing these are the nights to do so. We do have skies just as clear in the Winter but the temps won't be as welcoming. Day and night take advantage of what we have been given.

  Sunny today and 72°. Enjoy it, love it, just don't overthink it.


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