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Weather Blog: The 'Autumnal Spring'

Hi Everyone!

  Welcome to the first full week of October! And a really mild one it will be. For instance, by the end of the week our average daily high and low will be 71ׄ, and 49°. You read that right. At night the uppers 40's loom on the horizon.

 But this first full week of October will feel much different than the numbers say it should.

   Imagine how Summerlike it felt yesterday. Well, that will be the feel of this week. Warm and humid.  For the most part, the daytime highs will be in the mid to upper 70's, with lows in the low to mid 60's! Call it the "Autumnal Spring!" Now add onto those days that are still longish and you have, in my opinion, a bonus summer week.

  We will have showers in the forecast every day but Thursday, with tomorrow being the wettest. BUT not a ton of rain overall this week. By the way, the average rainfall in October, dating back to 1991, is 3.94".

   I think all the above adds up to not regular but iced pumpkin spiced, …..insert here…. your favorite type of coffee drink! But iced!


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