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Weather Blog: Heat Wave

Hi Everyone!

No way to sugar coat this: it is going to be hot and even hotter for the next four days. 93, 96, 97, and 91 degrees the highs for the next four days. Now throw in the humidity, and even more heat, and the reality becomes the following heat index numbers.

Today 102°, tomorrow 102°, and Wednesday 104°. By any definition this is severe weather. (BTW you do not heavy rain, wind, etc. to use the words severe weather in my honest opinion.)

You know the drill, but we'd be remiss not to remind you to hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate. That is a big key to dealing with heat. Wearing light colors, and lightweight clothing is the ticket too. Shade, and air conditioning are the givens.

Last year, at this time, for the most part, we were still hanging indoors because of COVID-19 and not having to deal with heat, and heat indices like this. I remember writing a blog about it. That blog went something like this, "At least one good thing about not going out is not having to leave the AC and deal with summer's worst."

We are now back out, and back to life. And that is good. Just understand not taking this seriously can be as unhealthy as not taking the pandemic as seriously could have been to you. In its own way. This is day one of four. A long hot road lay ahead but we will get by, and by it.


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