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Weather Blog: A New Morning Flavor

Hi Everyone!

  Today actually started a bit on the feeling cool side. Let me explain that. Our average overnight low is now 58°. And that is about where our temps were at dawns early light. And with the air quite dry, there was almost a crispness in that air. Totally different than a cool Summer's day start. And such will be the morning flavor more often than not as we move from Summer to Fall.

  Humidity will return overnight and tomorrow, but not heat. Today 80°. The same high is forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday. The average daytime high is now 78° so we could say seasonally pleasant.

  To be very honest I am moving a bit slow, this morning, after last night's Ravens game so an easy forecast is a blessing. But really when is an easy Mid-Atlantic weather forecast not high on the list of things to appreciate?

  It is a victory Monday. Make it a great one!


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