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Timonium Water Main Break Leaves 40 Homes Without Service

TIMONIUM, Md. (WJZ) -- Problems continue in Baltimore County, where a water main break sent a geyser of water into the sky. It caused major damage in a Timonium neighborhood.

Rick Ritter talks to the unlucky homeowner who got the worst of it.

It's a break that sent water shooting into one home for nearly an hour and left at least 40 others without water.

The call came in early Friday afternoon. Sky Eye Chopper 13 captured the surreal scene of a water main break off Pot Spring Road in Timonium.

"That water was shooting straight at that house, right at the shingles. Ad I just throught, 'Where are these people?'" said Peter Gourlay, neighbor.

Jim and Polley Adams came home to a mess.

"It was horrific. It was just arched up and over the house, and the water was just pouring," said Polley Adams, homeowner.

Neighbors say it was nearly an hour before Baltimore Department of Public Works was able to turn off the water.

"I shut all my windows because I thought the whole street was going to explode. It was scary," said Gourlay.

Parts of the front lawn at the property continue to cave in.

The homeowners say when the water main break erupted, their house was pelted with rocks and pieces of the street, shattering some of their glass tables outside and damaging the roof.

"Just a mess. It's a mess to clean up," said Jim Adams, homeowner.

DPW says at least 40 homes were without water at one point.

"There's a lot of water under a lot of pressure. And when it breaks, it can do a fair amount of damage," said Jeff Raymond, Baltimore Department of Public Works.

Despite the mess that's left, the Adams consider themselves lucky.

"There's no damage to the window, they took some paint off the front of the house -- but that's it," said Jim Adams. "We're very lucky."

Parts of Pot Spring Road were closed throughout the day. DPW estimates water will be restored in that neighborhood sometime Friday night or Saturday morning.

The water main break caused several traffic delays in the area as well.

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