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Two Stabbed, Seven Charged, After Violence Erupts At Annapolis High School

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) -- Seven students at Annapolis High have been charged after fights broke out inside the school and two students were either stabbed or cut.

Anne Arundel County police said seven students have been charged in the case. One student has been charged with attempted second-degree murder and several other charges.

A second student was charged with trespassing, deadly weapon: on school property after a knife was found and several other charges.

Officials said the remaining five juveniles all faced identical charges, which included assault and disorderly conduct.

Officials said the tense moments at Annapolis High School started after several fights broke out Wednesday morning.

Anne Arundel County police said it was two resource officers inside helped to break up a fight where someone had a knife.

"The officers were able to very quickly disarm that subject and take him into custody. That's when they noticed there were two juvenile males that had been cut or stabbed by a knife," said Lt. Jacklyn Davis with Anne Arundel County Police.

As officials tried to control the situation inside the building, the school went on lockdown.

Parents were told to stay away because no one would be allowed in or out.

"I guess security has a step their game up. There's no way that a child should be heading to school with some knife, gun or any type of weapon," one parent told WJZ.

Police do not believe this incident was related to any gangs but there was word that this was a spillover disagreement from days ago.

Fights have been reported at some Anne Arundel County schools in recent days. A student shared video with WJZ.

"It does make you worry because I don't want to have to not come to school anymore," one student told WJZ. "So I'm just hoping for the best."

The superintendent of schools said it's unfortunate the first few weeks back have resorted to this.

"I need the help of the community to wrap their arms around your students and our families so that our students know how to better manage their emotions and they don't take these sorts of things out in violence against each other," said Dr. George Arlotto.

Police said one of the students who was injured was also charged in this incident. All the students have been charged as juveniles.

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