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TSA: Traveler Attempted To Carry-On Hatchet, Smoke Grenades Through BWI Security

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A traveler at BWI was stopped when authorities say a man attempted to carry on multiple prohibited items through security including a hatchet and smoke grenades.

Rick Ritter has more on what authorities are calling a "highly unusual" assortment of banned items.

The pictures sheds only a glimpse of what one traveler tried to coast through security with on Tuesday.

Maryland Transportation Authority Police say on Tuesday night around 9:00 p.m a 21-year-old man was heading back home to Illinois and making his way to security screening. Minutes in, several suspicious items are spotted inside his carry-on bag.

According to police, they seized: three rope cutters with straight-edged blades, one hatchet, two smoke grenades, 12 bottle rockets (fireworks); one folding saw, one fixed-blade knife, one credit card knife, one utility knife and two folding knives.

The discovery prompted an immediate response by  TSA explosive experts.

The man tells authorities he was on a camping trip and never removed the items from his bag.

"I mean if they don't let liquids and stuff on why would they let camping supplies? He knows better," said one traveler.

Police say it's certainly one of the more bizarre seizures they've had at the airport but just one of many every month.

TSA confiscates between 200 and 300 pounds of items considered dangerous--even deadly--each month at BWI.

"We want to encourage people to travel the right way and the right way is you have to do a little homework before you leave the house," said Lisa Farbstein, TSA.

Police say there was no indication of any type of terror threat. The passenger was briefly detained, then allowed to return home on a flight later.

But police say he will face charges, including interference with security procedures and a violation of security regulations within the airport.

The charges carry a fine and possible jail time.

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