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Training Camp Update with Clifton Brown

Training Camp Update with Clifton Brown

Clifton Brown of Comcast Sportsnet joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn to give a training camp update for the team. There is a lot of battles going on right now in camp and Clifton says one interesting battle to look at is the wide out position. "I think the interesting thing to look for is to see which wide receivers will shine for a spot on this team."

There are a lot of variables on the Baltimore Ravens this year at the corner position and even running back. But what most believe is the biggest question is the offensive line and Clifton believes that this year's success hinges on the trenches. "Everything the Ravens hope to be offensively will hinge on the offensive line… they have to have holes to run through."

The nickel corner position is also a huge question mark for the team, but Clifton thinks the position may have already been given to a younger player. "Asa Jackson has looked good in recent practices, but can he carry it over to the game?"

A lot of the focus this offseason has been a negative light shown on the Ravens running back Ray Rice. Rice who had a down year appears to be in better shape. "We all know Ray is lighter and in better shape since last year… It will be interesting to see at times how allusive he is in the preseason games."

Veteran wide receiver Steve Smith has looked stellar to many experts. Clifton believes he could be a game changer for the team. "He looks tremendous, for a guy who's not really that big he goes up and gets the ball… He brings intensity to practice which is good for the guys."

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