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Torrey & Chanel Smith Announce They're 'Prego,' And Fans Eat It Up!

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—He has a Super Bowl ring, the heart of Ravens fans, and now a Ravens wide receiver is about to be a father.

Christie Ileto has more on Torrey and Chanel Smith becoming first-time parents!

The announcement went viral! Torrey Smith and his wife, Chanel, a school teacher, announced online they're expecting!

"I saw it on Facebook this morning because I'm Facebook friends with him, so super cute. The little 'prego' thing. Very exciting," said Danielle King, fan and middle school teacher.

The pair are seen scarfing down pasta.  The word "we're" on a sheet of paper covers part of the pasta jar Prego!

"Bringing a life into existence is a beautiful thing," said Arthur Brown, Ravens linebacker.

"I feel like he'll be a great father," said Marlon Brown.

At a Play 60 event Tuesday, Ravens players Arthur Brown, Marlon Brown and Matt Elam chimed in on their teammates big news.

"I was at the radio station when he announced it. All the women were excited and stuff. All the women were screaming," Elam said.

This isn't the first time they've taken to social media to do something creative.

Earlier this year, the pair made an MSA rap video to get Chanel Smith's students ready for the standardized tests.

The college sweethearts married in June.

Reporter:  "Best thing you did in the offseason?"

Torrey Smith: "I guess I would get in trouble if I said it wasn't getting married."

Torrey Smith has long talked about how he's been prepared for fatherhood, raising his younger siblings while his mother worked two jobs to support the family.

"I tell people all the time. I know everything about being a parent except for having my own kid. So when my time comes, I'll be good to go," he once said.

And that time is now with his own baby Raven on the way.

There is no word yet on the baby's gender or the due date.

Teammate quarterback Joe Flacco just became a father for a second time last month.

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