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Supporters Urge Passage Of Wind Power Bill

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) -- Hundreds rallied in Annapolis in support of harnessing wind power off the shores of Maryland, but opponents are concerned it will cost you more money.

Kai Jackson explains supporters say it's all about creating jobs.

There are skeptics who want to see the bottom line before they support it.  Others think it's a "wind-win" for Marylanders.

You can't see or touch it but air and wind are all around us, theoretically free for the taking to use for energy.  But it's harnessing the wind that will put a lasso around the wallets of Marylanders.

"Offshore wind power in particular is critically important to Maryland's future," said Tom Carlson, Chesapeake Climate Action Network.

Governor Martin O'Malley is pushing the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2011.  It calls for construction of 400-600 megawatts of wind power off the coast of Ocean City by 2016 using wind-powered turbines.  Supporters rallied in Annapolis Monday, saying it will bring thousands of jobs to the state and generate clean energy.

"Clean energy advocates from across the state are joining with union workers," said Carlson.

"It actually will create tons of jobs, the wind farms and the transmission lines that will need to be built," said Vance Ayres, Washington D.C. Building Trades Council. 

Right now, about eight companies are competing to construct the wind turbines.

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