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Students Rally For Ousted Morgan State President

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- There's more fallout from the decision to oust Morgan State University's president. Calls are growing louder for the Board of Regents to explain their decision. Mike Hellgren spent the day contacting each board member for a clearer picture on the decision.

Morgan State University's divided Board of Regents has yet to give a reason why it voted against renewing the contract of the school's president, Dr. David Wilson---a move that has drawn outrage on campus.

"We deserve some transparency from the Board of Regents as to why the vote was so close," said Kevin Lewis.

"Who voted for and who voted against President Wilson and why?" said Student Government Association President Shaquayah McKenzie.

WJZ reached out to all board members for an explanation; more than half did not respond.

Of those who did, Vice Chair Martin Resnick, Representative Elijah Cummings and Kweisi Mfume all said, "No comment."

Dr. Linda Gilliam said she disagreed with the decision, saying, "We never received documented evidence as to any problems with Dr. Wilson."

Board Secretary Reverend Frances Murphy Draper also wanted Wilson to stay, saying, "Morgan, under Dr. Wilson's leadership, is going in the right direction."

She said the board chairman had never voiced any concerns about Dr. Wilson's leadership and noted he received a positive evaluation just a month before. She revealed recent crimes on campus had nothing to do with the non-renewal.

Another board member, Dr. Charles Griffin, said "The board would never have voted not to renew Dr. Wilson's contract had he been competent. The public does not have all the facts. Unfortunately, I can't give them to you. You'll have to go through our chairman, Dallas Evans."

Chairman Evans said "No comment."

While some faculty complained they didn't like Dr. Wilson's leadership style, Wilson himself was given no reason for his non-renewal.

"No, I have not received any explanation," Wilson said. "It was indeed a shock for me."

Wilson will stay at Morgan at least through June. That's when his three-year contract expires.

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