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Steve Davis: Most Disappointing Raven

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A football website posted a list of the most disappointing players at the mid-season point of the NFL. Ray Rice made the list; he is averaging a career low in yards per rush and per catch. Others on the list include Tom Brady, the QB of a 6-2 team and Dwayne Bowe, wide receiver on an undefeated team.

ESPN did a similar story, and Bruschi pointed to Joe Flacco. Rice has been disappointing, Flacco has had no help.

I'm going with Juan Castillo. He was hired as the "running game coordinator." With that title comes certain expectations, and they don't include coordinating the worst running game in the league.

There are a lot of potential components to why the running game has lacked. Maybe it's Rice and Pierce and/or their injuries.

Maybe it's Gradkowski playing center in place of Birk.

Maybe it's McKinnie laying an egg at left tackle, or KO's injuries, or Yanda and Oher underperforming.

They are probably all in the mix. But, Castillo was brought in to make the running game even better on a team where it was already pretty good. Instead, the running game has regressed, so I am going with him.

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