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State officials remind residents of increased black bear activity in the fall

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BALTIMORE -- As they prepare for winter hibernation, black bears are going to be seen more regularly eating and searching for food, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources says.

Bears will increasingly cross roads and wander into people's yards searching for something to eat, the agency says.

Maryland DNR advises residents to keep pet food, bird feeders and trash in a place where bears can't get to it.

"Keeping bears wild is the responsibility of all Marylanders," said Wildlife and Heritage Service director Paul Peditto.

Although the state's bear population is concentrated in Allegany, Frederick, Garrett and Washington counties, the animals have been known to wander into nearby counties in the northern and central part of the state. 

Motorists traveling should watch for bears crossing roads, especially during October and November, the agency says.

Bears will being entering their dens for hibernation starting in mid-November, and almost all of them will be away for the winter by mid-December, according to Maryland DNR.

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