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Former Baltimore County Cop Robert Vicosa, 2 Daughters & Accomplice Confirmed Dead In Murder-Suicide

SMITHSBURG, Md. (WJZ) --  A manhunt, that lasted for days through multiple states, ended in tragedy in Western Maryland Thursday.

Maryland State Police confirmed Robert Vicosa was found dead along with his two children and his alleged accomplice, Sgt. Tia Bynum in what they say was a murder-suicide.

Police say Bynum was found in the driver seat of a car-jacked Ford Edge. Vicosa was in the backseat with his two daughters, Aaminah and Giana.  As police were closing in, the SUV crashed into a fence in Smithsburg and crisis negotiators soon moved in. After multiple verbal commands yielded no response, police utilized two 40 mm sponge rounds to break the front passenger side window.

They found everyone in the car had gunshot wounds. Three were pronounced dead on the scene. One of the little girls was flown to a trauma center, where she later died. An assault rifle along with other firearms was also found inside the vehicle.

Police did not say who they believe committed the murders.

The three-day manhunt rattled dozens of communities.

"Everybody was just all shaken up by it," said Bonnie Ziegler.

The hunt began in York County, Pennsylvania on Sunday. It drew police to every corner of the area including in Pam Purvis' neighborhood.

"They got out of their cars with guns strapped to them," said Purvis.

Days later, the chase for Vicosa along with six and seven-year-old, Aaminah and Giana, and Tia Bynum ended in Smithsburg.

It happened just steps down from Bonnie Zeigler's door.

"I just could not believe that they're all gone, that those dear little girls are all gone," said Zeigler. A reaction felt by many.

In an exclusive interview with WJZ, even a man allegedly held at gunpoint by Vicosa said he was more worried for the girls than anything else. "I'm worried about the babies. They was beautiful little girls," he said.

For days, authorities pleaded with them to let the children go.

People are heartbroken over the deaths of Giana and Aaminah, two innocent children.

"Your heart just go out and you say a prayer for them. You just can't believe that right here during Christmas time, Thanksgiving that an incident like that would go on," Zeigler said.

Governor Hogan also shared in that grief tonight saying in a tweet "We are grieving tonight over the unfathomable loss of two innocent children in what is clearly a horrific tragedy and heinous crime."

Officials said their bodies were taken to the Medical Examiner's Office for an autopsy.  At this time, there is no known motive and the investigation is still ongoing.


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