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Ravens RB Bernard Pierce Arrested For DUI, Released From Ravens

TOWSON (WJZ) -- Another Ravens player in trouble with the law and off the team. Running back Bernard Pierce was arrested for drunk driving in Towson early Wednesday morning. He is the ninth Ravens player arrested in the past 13 months and the third cut this off-season.

Meghan McCorkell has more on this latest case.

Police say Pierce was going more than 20 miles over the speed limit when he was stopped and charged with driving under the influence.

He's been a Ravens running back for three seasons but Bernard Pierce will not be playing for the Ravens anymore. Around 2 a.m. Wednesday, police in Towson pulled Pierce over for drunk driving along Dulaney Valley Road.

"We have three standard sobriety tests: a horizontal gaze and stagmus test, a walk and turn test and a balancing test and he failed all three," said Cpl. John Wachter, Baltimore County Police.

Court documents show as he was being arrested, Pierce told the officer, "Do you know what happened the last time a Ravens player got a DUI? I'm getting cut tomorrow. Not like you care."

Pierce is referring to Victor Hampton, who was cut from the team earlier this month after being arrested for DUI in North Carolina. He's not alone. Nose tackle Terrance Cody was released from the Ravens while facing charges of animal abuse.

The Ravens have tightened their conduct policy after facing criticism for their handling of Ray Rice's arrest on domestic violence charges.

"Everybody's going to be under a different kind of scrutiny from here on out and that's a good thing," said Head Coach John Harbaugh.

"There's been a lot of that going around the league so I think it's good for them to set the right tone," said a fan.

Some fans on Twitter are already firing back at Pierce, writing, "Really man? DUI! Come on man" and "Couldn't of called an Uber? Good job giving us even more dead money."

Just before releasing Pierce, the Ravens issued a statement saying, "We are aware of the situation and learning more about it. We take these matters seriously." Shortly after, they Tweeted that Pierce had been released.

That zero tolerance policy is coming into play as Pierce was cut from the roster.

If Pierce is convicted, he could face a suspension under the NFL's new drug policy.

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