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Pa. Man Charged In Woman's Fatal Butt Injection In D.C. Area

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (WJZ) -- A woman dies after getting cosmetic butt injections in a Maryland hotel room. Prosecutors say the man who injected her has no medical training. Now that man faces murder charges.

Christie Ileto explains how the botched implants turned deadly.

Killer butt injections have Vinnie Taylor facing murder charges for a job gone wrong.

"[Plastic surgeons] do it in a controlled setting; they do it with an anesthesiologist; they do it in a sterile environment. I would have serious reservations about how sterile the motel was where these injections were given," said malpractice attorney David Ellin.

Charging documents say after the victim got her injection, she began coughing uncontrollably, gasping for air and later dying at a nearby hospital.

Both cheeks were injected with clear, viscous fluid. The cause of death—respiratory failure.

"Essentially what happened is that part of the silicone traveled into the victim's lungs and caused her to die. There's no doubt this is a homicide," said Ellin.

Detectives believe Taylor had no medical training. This, unfortunately, is a growing trend: women contacting people like him, desperate for killer looks at any cost.

"You don't even think about the side effects," one woman said.

A WJZ investigation revealed a Baltimore woman had several surgeries to repair botched butt injections.

In 2012, a judge gave Kimberly Smedley three years in prison for injecting dozens of women with silicone in hotel rooms around Maryland.

Despite the horror stories, the risky business remains lucrative for those looking to make a quick buck.

Taylor is also facing assault and reckless endangerment charges.

This type of surgery typically costs thousands of dollars.

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