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Matt Stover Says Ravens Thrive Off Of Underdog Energy

BALTIMORE (WJZ)-- Long before Ravens Super Bowl rookie kicker Justin Tucker, there was Ravens Super Bowl winning kicker Matt Stover.

Adam May spoke to the champion and philanthropist about his predictions for the Super Bowl.

May: "What are your thoughts as the Ravens head to the Super Bowl?"

Stover: "It's gonna be an exciting game. The matchups are incredible."

Stover is one of the most loved former Ravens.

He kicked two field goals in Super Bowl XXXV, helping seal the team's victory.

May: "Is the pressure different during a Super Bowl game?"

Stover: "That's always asked. Yes, it is different. But what you do to minimize the pressure is you prepare the same...You know you're on a world stage. The obvious is the obvious. So what you do depends on guys next to you and go out there as a band of brothers like you have all year and take care of business."

After 13 successful seasons with the Ravens, Stover was not resigned in a shocking move in 2008.

But he decided to stay in Baltimore.

May: "One of the things I hear about you is people see you all the time, at Target, at the park with your kids."

Stover: "You saw me at a restaurant."

May: "I did see you at a restaurant. You're everywhere. You're Mr. Baltimore."

Stover: "Well, I'm a dad and a husband first, and that's always been my priority list."

Stover is also a big believer in giving back, so it's no surprise he recently started the Players' Philanthropy Fund, helping others to be charitable.

"So many players out there tend to misuse money or don't gift money properly so what we do, we vet all the people whom they give their money to, whether it's a charity of another cause, and ensure those moneys are given properly," Stover explained.

Ed Reed is one of the first to join the philanthropy fund. He's a close friend who doesn't have a Super Bowl ring yet.

"Yeah, we got the ring here today," Stover said while showing off his championship ring. "This is what it's about. We got to get another one."

Stover thinks the Ravens will.

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