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Only Two Bald Eagles Believed To Be Mating Within Baltimore City Limits Return For Third Year In A Row

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- What are believed to be the only two bald eagles mating within Baltimore City limits are back for the third year in a row.

"As far as we're aware, this is the only known breeding pair within the city," Tim Carney, Senior Environmental Specialist with Maryland Environmental Service, said.

Eagles Nest
Photo Credit: Sean Streicher.

They're nesting at Masonville Cove, the first Urban Wildlife Refuge in the country. It's located on Maryland Port Administration property just south of the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel.

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"We really want people to know that Masonville is here and it's available," Carney said. "So if you're a birder, a wildlife photographer or just someone who enjoys being outside, please stop by."

If you don't have bird-watching gear, they have binoculars you can check out to get an up-close look at the bald eagles.

Another option is to watch them from home, work or anywhere else with an internet connection. U.S. Fish and Wildlife has just installed a camera on the eagles' nest that will be streaming online 24/7.

"I'm a birder, I'm out every day looking for birds," Carney said. "I think it's great to see eagles' nest up close, and not just that, but watch the trajectory from the first courtship flight to the successful fledgling of the eaglets."

Eagle CAM by Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore on YouTube


"It's a success story because bald eagles were actually endangered, and in 2010 they were removed from the Maryland endangered and threatened species list because they're doing so well," Carney said.

It's believed these eagles are the same that fledged two bald eagle babies two years in a row at this very same spot.

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