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Maryland Science Center Opens Interactive Exhibit On The Human Body

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A new exhibit at the Maryland Science Center aims to get kids excited about learning the ins and outs of the human body.

"You - The Inside Story" is an interactive display presented by Johns Hopkins Medicine.

The exhibit has 35 kiosks where kids of all ages can run, touch, smell, hear and play their way through aspects of the human body. At over 12,000 square feet, it's the science center's largest exhibit.

Mark Potter, President and CEO of the Maryland Science Center said, "this exhibit tells the story of the most complex machine around, the human body."

Stacey Prinzing, Director of Education at the museum, walked WJZ through the exhibit to show off some of the cool features.

One is a room that appears to make people large or small, but really its all about how our eyes perceive it. The room itself is altered, but the average person cannot tell. Prinzing showed us, "as I walk across the room which to you looks like I'm walking straight across the room you discover that we change in size."

Parents are loving it. Renan Gorski took his three-year-old daughter and said, "we finally found a place we can go and she can touch everything."

A family from New Jersey with their two sons said, "it's nice that it's interactive; it lets them use their energy to learn, touch, feel play with things which is very nice. Usually, I have to say 'don't touch, don't touch,' now I'm like 'please touch!'"

A grant from the state was used to fund the space.

"All ages have come in and enjoyed it and some will even come in today, we hope," Potter said.

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