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Maryland Gas Tax Hikes 7 Cents Friday, Gov. Hogan Calls For Another Tax Holiday

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Maryland's legislatively mandated gas tax hike went into effect Friday, with prices rising by seven cents per gallon.

Maryland's average is $4.79 per gallon as of last Friday, according to AAA, and the hike brings to total state gas tax from 36 cents a gallon to 43 cents per gallon.

This time last year, the average was $3.00, and as the Fourth of July holiday weekend approaches, some say they're cancelling their plans altogether because of how much it takes to fill their tank with fuel.  

On top of the increase in the state gas tax, people are also paying a federal gas tax. That's about 18 cents per gallon. So starting Friday, you will be spending more than 60 cents per gallon in total gas taxes.

"What am I gonna do," said Sharon, who didn't know about the gas tax hike that takes effect Friday.  

On Thursday, Governor Larry Hogan released a video calling on leaders of the General Assembly to take action, hold a special session and vote for a gas tax holiday. But the Maryland General Assembly has already said they won't call a special session to address the gas tax. 

According to a CBS News report, the price of crude oil is falling, down more than $20 per barrel from its March peak, but gas station prices continue to rise.  

Last week, President Biden pleaded with gas companies to lower prices.

"To the company's running those gas stations and setting prices at the pump, this is a time of war," he said on June 22. "Bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you are paying for the product."  

"I cancelled my summer trips, all of them," said Kayla Smith. "I was supposed to go to Ocean City, to do a stretch across America... I was supposed to go everywhere this summer, but I won't be, I'll be here,."

It used to cost her between $30-$40 to fill up her tank. Now, Smith said it costs between $70-$80. 

For those who are headed out this holiday weekend, Chesapeake Bay Bridge officials said to expect delays across the bridge if you're travelling during peak hours. 

And as gas prices increase on Friday, many are racing to the pump before the price goes up again.  

"That's why I'm filling up my tank now, so that I can catch it while it's still a little below five dollars and then I'll guess we'll see what happens next week," Smith said. 


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